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Subject: the huckleberry hill tower..
Date: July 21st 2018

this article was cut and pasted from page 6a of the Carmel Pine Cone.. (not easy to do!)
this article is not directly about ham radio but these are the neighbors across the street from the ham repeater  who have been arguing about the radio towers for years..    so it is indirectly of interest... 73
Marc Goldman

GCM Chief Operating Officer Water, which maintains two water tanks and a separate communications tower there. The County of Monterey leases a portion of property to operate and maintain the tower the supervisors discussed Tuesday. Demands tree disguise While the project would reduce the number of antenna and not increase the tower’s height, Halpern — an attorney who said he represents the Huckleberry Hill Neighborhood Association — argued the county should install a fiberglass tree disguise so the antenna would be less conspicuous. He pointed out that in 2005, the county required the Pebble Beach Co. to “install fiberglass tree disguises on all six of its wireless towers,” and in 2013 required a similar disguise for the Monterey Peninsula Country Club’s wireless tower. While Paxton said that installing a tree disguise on the tower would cost about $500,000 to $750,000, Halpern claimed the “real reason” the county did not consider the disguise is that the process to design and install it would require the county to disclose “all the additional antenna” it intends to add to the tower in the future. He also maintained that the tower is not exempt from CEQA, said the planning commission hearing was “not fair” because he wasn’t allowed enough time to address commissioners, and claimed even the existing tower is illegal because it was built without a permit. Craig Spencer, from the county’s resource management agency, said the hearing process was fair and consistent with applicable laws and regulations, and that additional antenna would require separate county permits. Supes reject neighbor complaints over P.B. communication tower By KELLY NIX DESPITE OBJECTIONS from a Pebble Beach resident over aesthetics and the legality of the county’s process for approving it, the Monterey County Board of Supervisors Tuesday OK’d a plan to reinforce and make other changes to an existing 80-foot communications tower on Huckleberry Hill. The supervisors unanimously approved changes to the design of the tower and denied an appeal by resident Jameson Halpern of the county planning commission’s May 9 sweeping approval of the project, which also entails removing 16 outdated tower-mounted antenna and replacing them with nine new ones. The tower serves the “Monterey County Sheriff’s Office, emergency medical services, local and regional police and fire, utilities such as Cal Am and PG&E, as well as Monterey-Salinas Transit,” Monterey County information technology department manager Steven Paxton told supervisors at the hearing in Salinas. The retrofit, which the county concluded amounted to “minor alterations,” includes consolidating antenna systems, structurally reinforcing the 1970s-era tower and including an “aesthetic upgrade” — via brown paint — so it will “blend into the natural environment,” Paxton said. Eliminating seven large antenna will reduce “visual obstruction” and improve tower performance, he said. Construction is expected to last about 12 weeks. The project also calls for a metal walkway to connect the base of the tower to existing equipment shelters. The property where the three-leg tower stands is owned by California American Get

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