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Date: June 17th 2018

So less than a week to Field Day.....

Don't forget we are at the NPS Ham Shack at LaMesa Housing (NOT the Presidio) - see the ARRL FD locator for the map.

The schedule is at; (Or go to the FD page)

if you have trouble with something in the schedule let me know...will modify later in the week...

We will start setting up about 0730 on Saturday morning (NO Friday), setup will require getting a sloper (or two) up with the tennis ball shooter, laptops setup and powered. Start operating at 1100.  The tear down is 1100 on Sunday.

We will operate K6LY SCV 2F  - Kilo SIX Lima Yankee....Sierra Charlie Victor.....TWO FOXTROT - This is a different class EOC - Emergency operations center

There will be no GOTA, one station will be in the K6NPS shack (WC6DX's FT-DX5000) which will be CW and SSB (on 10,15,20 m)...using the log periodic

the other station will be in KI8CX's truck camper in the school parking lot,  TS-480 with either a sloper of long wire operating on 40,80m. 
The Trk camper has a bathroom if needed.

If we get a sloper setup for the K6NPS shack, then we would move the nighttime 40/80m operation into the ham shack from the truck camper.

I got about 10 people operating....much smaller group, no big antennas are being put up.

We still have a good shot to be a top 2F station in CA/US if we make over 500 QSOs...we'll see.

We will operate 2 laptops for logging, and they will be separate (no ethernet connection), so no cable running.

What we will need:

Visitor table - with the banner (KI8CX)
Press release (W6IIQ)
Invite a local government rep and agency (??)
safety officer (WV1B)
Someone want to do a educational activity?  (??)
Someone post a notice on Facebook (??)
W1AW bulletin (WC6DX)

Food - if someone has a small BBQ grill - I'd cook a steak or two on it...and Paul wants shmores ...plan to bring you're own food...

No planned meeting until Saturday morning....if you need to be familiar with the rigs, visit the stations earlier in the day, or go to these youtube links ,

ok KI8CX

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